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    Evening all.
    Looking for a bit of advice regarding the above.
    My son has asked for one of these so he can 'capture' his Wii ( on a 32" Sony tv with plenty of sockets) to his PC.
    1. I'm not sure if his PC is up to the job.
    2. I'm not sure if a capture card is what he needs anyway.

    It's a fairly old PC, P4 3ghz, 1GB RAM and more importantly on-board AGP graphics.

    So, is the PC capable of doing what he wants, and if it is could anyone point me in the direction of the hardware required.



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    Just thought I should mention, it did have a 7600 gfx card but it blew, possibly because I didnt upgrade the power supply, so dont really want to go down this route if possible.

    depends if you want to play in HD or not, the more expensive cap cards will let you play in 1080 where as the cheaper ones such as the dazzels limit you to 420.
    Obviously this means the more expensive ones will give a better picture.

    I have a hauppauge HD PVR and the picture is great, you can play and record in HD too.

    a vid of me playing cod4 on xbox…age

    watch in HD

    dont know anything about these but my son uses dazzle dvc 100 he uses this for xbox, wii and of course playstation he paid £30 for it from maplins

    I'm fairly sure that the Wii only has one video output, so you'd need to run the Wii either directly into the PC, or into a SCART Y-split box. Direct input is going to give better quality. Whichever you go for, use one of ]these to capture the video. There's alternatives that are probably cheaper and better, and you'd do well to search for them, but that's an example of what can do the job.

    Don't worry about HD or the PC not being up to the task. The Wii is only a standard-def device, and your system is more than up to the task of recording it. Watch out for harddisk space, though. Video capture tends to make short work of small drives;
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