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Found 24th Jan 2006

I am looking for a video capture card/PVR to copy over old VHS tapes and record from TV etc.

usb, pci-e, pci

I will buy from retail or online. I am based in Sheffield.

I don't know where to start, some say cheap TV card will do, some think it is better to splash out more as you get hardware decoding/encoding and decent video editing software. I saw some usb devices 'we do it all for you' things (ie. Plextor PX-TV402U/T3UK - some bad reviews re crashing hardware about £100)

I was thinking using free VirtualDub and similar and do it myself but at this stage I can't find site with comprehensive reviews to make my mind up.

My budget up to £150 (although at that price I can as well upgrade my PCI-E card and get VIVO card).

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When I was running video editing website (I quit about one year ago), I reviewed several devices that might be of interest for you. The best one I had was ADS DVD XPress (not sure if that's the best price) and review itself is here.
cheers for info,

I found it cheaper on ebuyer.com
the review mentions TBC (time base corrector), cheapest I found was £165 = nearly 3x the price of ADS DVD XPress

another thing I found was Canopus ADVC-55 (133.25) from mycomputerbits.co.uk/aca…tml
Oh, forget about TBC The reason I was using it at the time of writing that review - I wanted to eliminate potential synchronization problems that could affect testing.
There is no need to use ADS Xpress (or any other capture card for that matter) with TBC unless :
1. You have VERY old and problematic VHS tapes that you absolutely must copy to DVD.
2. You want to copy Macrovision-protected VHS tapes.
3. You have tape recorded on non-PAL VCR (SECAM or NTSC) and you want convert it to PAL.
Cheers for that info.

I am on my way to buy ADS DVD XPress right now. £54.18 in PC World - all I need. I do have some bad quality tapes but I will give it a go. There are some good forums on their website, looks like there is a lot of tweaking possible.

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