Video capture from PS3 to computer any recommendations pls?

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Found 30th Apr 2010
My son is thinking of getting a piece of kit called Easycap from amazon which records the PS3 screen so that he can then upload videos to You tube.
This has very mixed reviews on Amazon with some saying it simply does not work to others thinking its great.
Wondered if anybody had an alternative to look at. Obviously with my limited computer knowledge something that has alot of difficulty could be a problem.

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I have the same problem

I've had one for years [EasyCap] , never used it for capture ,only viewing my CCTV camera on the laptop . Heard lots of storys about capturing with these and many other capture devices .....................they can suffer from the video and sound being out of sync , it's a very common problem .The only device I know that will capture without any problems is the Aopen Xrecorder .Brillient device ,captures from camcorders and anything with outputs linking to the composite phono sockets . The device pushes the capture through to the laptop or PC using a USB port without any problems . By the way ,EasyCap was bought from DealExtreme for about £6.50.

the easycap is notorious for setting up properly, software and driver issues, If you can get it to work then it does the job, i have never used it on a ps3 so cant really comment on that

Buy a dvd recorder.
Hook it up to PS3 and tv.
Record the footage then put into PC dvd drive and burn to hard drive.
Upload to Youtube.

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Thanks guys for all your help.Rep given to you all.
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