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    I've been trying to play a new pc game: condemned, and all I get is a black screen with music. The system requirements include 128 video memory. I have an intel 82865G card in a 1 year old dell dimension 3000, which I think but I'm not sure is 64 video memory. Wondering if anyone can help me with the following:

    How can I verify the video memory I have.
    If it is 64 can anyone please recommend a decent and hopefully cheap video card that would let me play the new games?

    thanks in advance for any help


    if you go here at the dell support page, and type in your model number etc, then click original configuration in the the dropdown list, a page should come up telling your original configuration, which SHOULD list the memory on the graphics card - try that, see what it says, then we'll take it from there...

    Alternatively, I could buy condemned from you, as I'm looking for it at the minute!!

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    Hi Emma.. Thanks for your help..

    From the info it lists on Dell, the only part I can see that's related to Intel is:

    Don't know if that helps at all??
    Unfortunately, the game isn't mine it's a friends, I've been trying it on my pc cos he's having the same problem as me.

    thanks- p.s when's the next bingo??

    bingo's tonight hunny

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    Didn't realise it was tonight.. I'll PM you for a card if that's ok

    From speaking to Dell ( my God what a nightmare!) I've got an integrated video card that uses the ram of my system (1gb). Does that sound right? I'd have thought if that was correct the video card I have would be fine?

    Intregrated cards aren't really that good for games. If you go into your bios at bootup (usually pressing the DEL key or whatever combination they show on screen when booting up) you can set how much of your ram to use....

    I think the term for it is aperture size?

    Honestly you would be better off getting a cheapish graphics card to replace the onboard one.

    yeah, the onboard graphics are awful. Do you wanna buy one Helen? If yes, give us an idea of a price to spend, and I'll see what I can find. I'm looking for one for myself at the mo, but it's about £250, so i don't think you want that one...!


    Almost all integrated video cards should be able to accept more of system memory. Take a look at system BIOS, there should be something like "Video RAM size" or "Shared video RAM".
    Also, before you commit yourself for video card purchase - please verify what sort of slots your machine got! Some cheapo Dells came with PCI (not PCI Express!) slots only. Some came with AGP and some PCI-E. Even worse, some of those PCI-E were x8 and not x16...


    ntregrated cards aren't really that good for games

    It depends on type of GPU in chipset. Doom 3 is running 1024x768 on my machine without any problems with most settings 'on'. And my machine got integrated card. But that's offtopic

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    Hi all.. thanks for your help with this.

    I didn't realise the video cards would be so expensive Emma! This is the 1st game that I've had the problem with, so I wonder if it's worth upgrading the card if all the other games have been fine. I'm only using the PC for games cos we got burgled and had the PS2 stolen.
    Wonder if I might be better just avoiding the games with a high video memory. What do people think ,or are the newer games all going to need it?



    Videocards range from roughly 20 quid all the way to 500. But if you do not have an urge to play the latest games with all options selected, then something like Aopen Aeolus 6600GT for a modest 89 quid delivered should be OK for all games.

    But first you need to understand what sort of expansion slots your machine got.

    P.S. That Aeolus from eBuyer is just an example. I did not search for lowest price. Treat it as a rough indication

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    Hi all..

    I was just browsing around the svp site and saw this video card:…724

    £36 inc delivery sounds fine, but do people think that this seems like a decent card?

    Thanks in advance

    It is not much better than built-in card. It is one of the slowest cards on the market. And 256M on it sounds rather like a bad joke.

    BTW, your game requires DX 9.0 and 9250 being VERY old card (older than 9200 in fact) only support 8.1

    As to memory, Condemned need minimum of 128M.

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    Thanks Kommunist.. I've left you karma for all your help.

    Think I might be better off just avoiding those games as I guess it'll cost a lot of money to upgrade to a decent card.

    Thanks again
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