Video Card Question.

    As per my computer spec thread, I'm looking for a new video card that will work in a Dell Vostro 220 without me having to change the PSU.

    I want to keep the cost < £45 inc VAT.

    I've found :
    XFX HD 4550 ATI
    HD-455X-YNH2 - 512MB (1GB HM) XFX HD 4550, PCI-E 2.0, 1000MHz GDDR2, GPU 600MHz, 80 Cores, D-Sub/ DL DVI-I/ HDMI…dmi


    ASUS 512MB GeForce G210 DDR2 NVIDIA Graphics Card
    EN210/DI/512MD2(LP) - 512MB Asus G 210, 800MHz GDDR2, GPU 589MHz, Shader 1402MHz, 16 Cores, D-Sub/ Dual Link DVI-I/ HDMI…dmi

    Will either of these work OK, with out me having to change the PSU ?

    Any better options. ?

    This is mainly used for office work, video, internet and possibly the odd game of Fear, FarCry, Unreal 2003 !!

    The Dell is an E5200 with 2GB ram.

    I've picked scan as I will be there later this AM.



    I think around this sort of price, the GT240 GDDR5 stand out the most which are around £60. Anything less than this and the chances are, doesn't matter what you buy, they are all going to be fairly non-competitive for gaming.

    Without details on the PSU it would be hard tell you what will work or not, but the GT210 only uses around 30w, so there is a very good chance that will work. The 240 GDDR5s use about 70w, so quite a bit more. If you can work out how much headroom you have, even Dell PC's usually have some, then you could make a more educated purchase.

    There is a good chance though that your entire system is using around 150w or less and the power supply is over 250w/300w. If that is the case then you could easily put a much more powerful graphics card in there than something that uses only 30w. Those low-end cards are mostly designed for tiny computers that use power supplies of around 120w.

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    Original Poster

    Thanks for the advice. The psu states max output 300w.

    Only items in the pc are the dvdrom and the harddisk. There are 2 spare SATA connectors.

    What would you suggest my options are ?…dmi

    I would get this. 75w at full load, so that still leaves 225w for the rest of your system. I think the next most power hungry component is the CPU, the E5200 uses 65w at peak. So that still leaves you 150w+ which should be plenty enough for the other components and drives.

    Original Poster

    In the end I git a 512mb GT220 with VGA, DVI & HDMI.
    It's fine for what I need !

    Thanks for the help
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