Video cassettes

    This is gonna sound pretty stupid but would there be anyone out thereinterested in buying a load of video cassetes? Like simpsons futurama James bond films Indiana jones etc? Jack


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    Also some friends videos

    only if they are beta max :-D

    I would guess not as not even the charity shop would take mine. But if you find somebody send me a PM.:thumbsup:

    Sell them at a bootsale 10 for a pound

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    That's what I was thinking but their some great ones for kids! E.d nutty professor, spiderman, dumb and dumber!

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    What simpsons 1s...

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    Ermm! Love spingfiels style, sex lies and the simpsons, crime and punishment, Bart wars the simpsons strike back, film festival , backstage pass, Springfield murder

    Ahh thanks...

    Got them all.

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    Damn no worries!
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