Video clips on big screen

    Wondering if anyone can help here. Cant seem to find an answer to the problem

    Basically ive got a pc connected to 50" Panny plasma via hdmi. Got an ATI graphics card with latest drivers etc. When I say go to bbc website & try to play a clip thru firefox its just hangs & I have to kill the adobe plugin process. When I try on IE I get the audio, & just a green video.

    Ive tried adjusing the settings etc which I think may be relelvant, but makes no difference. All other videos play fine ie through VLC, media player, but it just seems to be embedded video.

    To add, when i just remote onto the PC, the videos play fine!! it just seems to be when connected to the TV.

    Adobe flash etc is also uptodate. Any advice?

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    Does your graphics card support hardware acceleration by providing onboard decoding of H264 CODECs? The latest flash player will use hardware acceleration but if this is not built into the graphics card, it won't play. You need to right click the video, untick hardware acceleration and the refresh your browser. Unfortunately, this means your CPU will perform the decoding of the H264 CODECs and if the CPU is not powerful, it may struggle to play the video.

    VLC uses its own CODECs and does not take advantage of hardware acceleration. Windows Media Player uses whichever CODEC is registered as the default H264 decoder which may not be using hardware acceleration. This is why video playback can be performed using those players.
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