Video Content to Archos 605 ?

    I've recently purchased an Archos 605 and would like to transfer a couple of full length movies to it from DVD. Is it best to convert the DVD into a different format first - if so, can anyone recommend a free application?

    In addition - can I also sync movies and videos from iTunes?


    your best bet would be to rip just the film onto your computer into avi format using something like dvd shrink (which is free ]here then simply transfer it onto your archos
    make sure you just select the film to rip and not extras and stuff though

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    Cheers - many thanks. There seems to be so many different 'ripping' tools, it's quite confusing.

    I did manage to purchase the plug-ins from the US store, which saved a bit of money. Just need to work out how to use them now.

    Any ideas about iTunes?

    dvd shrink is really good and free!
    aint got a clue about itunes mate.
    ive got an archos av700 tv (which i need to sell for some cash) and i just drop mp3's and avi's staright onto. i just download the films though and dont bother ripping any dvd's

    check out mate, there is a free copy of acala dvd ripper available
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