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Found 24th Oct 2010
I've been looking for video editing software recently, theres nothing really good for Windows (7 64bit) so I looked at some paid software, people always go on about sony vegas, I found Sony Movie Studio HD 10 Platinum Suite for around £50 which isn't too bad I guess. Then I came across AVS4YOU where you can get lots of software for £35-40, but then I looked at their registration faq and it says if you get a new computer you have to buy another licence! It seems it is tying the licence to a particular component configuration and is not just a legal limit but a technical one?

So I'd like to ask does anyone have any recommendations for video editing software (doesn't need to be too complicated) and does anyone have any experience with the AVS programs, I'm still attracted to it but I upgrade fairly often and might do soonish in the future so looks like I'm out of luck.
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Ive always used adobe software, for video editing its Adobe Premiere. Its not that complicated to use and there are loads of sites online to help you. I bought mine off ebay. Ive never used a sony product for editing or the AVS program either sorry. Have a look on ebay as you can pick up some bargains sometimes, and obviously pay by paypal so your protected.

If you do buy off ebay, make sure it mentions a serial number.
Thanks for the reply. I looked a bit more and some of those AVS programs got some bad reviews so I don't think I'll bother now. Amazon has Adobe Premiere Elements 9 for £77, a bit pricey and thats the cheap version I think Perhaps I'll have to stick to Windows Live Movie maker for a bit. Or I may try linux, theres a semi decent one for that apparently.
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