Video game rental service

Anyone use a company for video game rentals. Looking for one that has a high likelihood of you getting the games you want and that is good value. No need for more than one game at home at any one time.


I used…de/

I cancelled the service when I realised I was renting certain titles for over 2 months and could have bought them for not much more.

tesco dvd rental. £9.97 a month. 3 month trials ftw

rwm24;8372212 3 month trials ftw


Lovefilm FTW!


this.Lovefilm FTW!

+1 but they seem to only hand out 2 monthers now :thumbsup:


lovefilm is the best but its cheaper to buy and re-sell than rent if you tend to play games to completion over a few weeks.

LoveFilm isnt the best for just games. is brilliant, really good customer service.
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