Video Game Rentals? (Online)

Hey Guys,

With a bunch of great games coming out this Christmas, I simply can't afford them all. So, I'm researching into possibly subscribing to a Video Game rental service as all the rental stores near me are pretty useless.

Anyone got a recommendation?



try using one of the lovefilm free trials in the voucher section, i think one of them lets you rent games for free for 3 months

How much does it cost with Lovefilm per month? and how many games can you rent out at a time?


i have no idea tbh :-(


Trying just now (using lovefilm's own details as the customer) it seems to be 10.99, 14.99 or 18.99 for 1, 2 or 3 games at a time - Combination 1, 2 and 3 rather than the DVD-only unlimited at 9.99, 12.99 and something else. You should be able to use one of the 3-month trial voucher codes though only at a maximum of Combination 2. Don't try and change your package during the trial though or you will get charged the new tariff straight away.

You may also find ]http//ww….uk helpful partly as they have some advice as to how best to use the services if you want games more than DVDs though their costings seem to be wrong (as are those for ]http//ww….uk). I haven't yet tried out LOVEFiLM's game rental but will be during my current 'come back, please' trial.

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I think I deserve a moron award.
I signed up for the free trial and only picked the 1-at-a-time combination, even though you can get the best membership with 3 months still free.

Pat on the back for me then.. :oops:
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