Video Games - Playing The Waiting Game

What sort of person are you

1. Buy it as soon as it comes out and pay the full price.
2. Wait a few weeks/months until it comes down in price.

I'm the second one I'm afraid. The last game I ever bought on release date was Grand Theft Auto Vice City for £34.99 (PS2).

Now with the Internet the way it is and the amount of competition, I just can't bring myself to pay the release price when I know it will be half the price in a months time.

I wanted the new PRO EVO game for the xbox 360... it's now £24.99 on amazon. I see HALO is less then £30 in some places and with Christmas on it's way the likes of PLAY and HMV will probably be doing DEAL OF THE DAYS... which could see 1-2 month old games for around £17.99.

I think the only games I'd get on RELEASE is Resident Evil 5 and the new Grand Theft Auto.


well im a wait till it comes cheaper
but £29.99 preorder for guitar hero III on the wii was a bargain

Depends on the game, but usually wait...

It depends, I usually intend to wait but sometimes if I'm about town I'll call into game or somewhere and spontaneously buy something.
My last one was Pro Evo for the PS3 in Argos for £40. I think the only reason I bought is because they were giving away a free football with it.
I'm such a sucker sometimes.

I normally get big games that I really want on release day, but some of the other games that I'm not sure of or don't mind waiting for, I was wait for a cheaper price.

Im a sucker for buying a game on release. Bought COD4 on release, and then a week later assassin's creed (which ive now completed and traded in) alot of the time i know i can get it a fwe £ cheaper online but i just cant be bothered to wait

When I was a bit younger, I always bought PES, GTA and the Smackdown series as soon as they came out.

Now, I just wait for most games to come down in price. GTA I'll get a few days after release coz I wanna see which version is better (360 or PS3)

I buy 2 games per year as close to release as I can.

1. Football Manager.
2. Pro Evo.

The rest - pick up as and when they are cheap enough.

I play them BEFORE they come out. :whistling:
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