Both my mum and the wifes dad are having problems, they ae used to the video age and recording programs to watch later, My mum got a recordable digi box but had to take it back as she couldnt get used to it, the wifes dad, well we darent even try him as hes that old fashioned and doesnt learn new technology well.
    Now they both have old video recorders and digi boxes that then go to digi tvs.We have to go back every week or so to re set them up as theyve pressed a wrong button or leant on the remote.
    It would be easier fo both of htem if they had video recoders that had the digi tuner built in, does anybody know if anyone does them and where I could get one from ?.


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    Thanks fo that Ropster but we were really looking for just a video and thats a bit more than they can afford (both on pension), cant really justify 130 quid for something they only want to record on, might be a bit too technical for them as well.…GBP 2 IN STOCK…lay?storeId=10001&catalogId=1500001801&productId=1500520199&langId=-1&engine=froogle&keyword=LG+LV880+Silver+Nicam+Video+Cassette+Recorder&_$ja=tsid:11527%7Ccc:%7Cprd:5337503%7Ccat:Dvd%2C+Blu+Ray+And+Video "copy and paste link"…867

    Probably a few on ebay as well

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    Although it only mentions it in stoe the argos one is analogue only, the bottom link looks like the same product but im not sure.
    Thanks for your help though, were still looking.
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