Videos keep stuttering

    Hiya wondering if somebody can help,

    been tryna watch vids on youtube etc but for some reason all of them keep stutturing. Googles telling me it's the internet speed, checked that and it's fine. Also read it might be to do with flash player downloaded latest one but no luck.

    Can anyone please help?




    does it happen forall youtube videos and dont you have broadband?

    delete cookies


    most youtube videos stutter at peak times. Just hit the pause key until all the video has been downloaded (red progress bar) and then press play


    I also have a st-st-st-st-st-st-st-stuttering problem when it comes to the int-t-t-ternet

    it'll happen if your busy doing other stuff with the pc (ie downloading or browsing) at the same time. as csiman said maybe try just pausing the video until its downloaded then go for it ;-)

    How old is your PC? If it's very old then it may be too slow to play those videos.


    nice of the OP to post back results of advice given :whistling:

    Original Poster


    sorry for late reply tried looking for the post again but ditzy me couldn't find it, just realised i could from recent activity.

    Anyways, i tried deleting cookies, pausing the video etc but to no avail.

    thanks for all your help anyways
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