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Found 4th Mar 2011
Help, I'm trying to remember the name of a song/video that I saw a while ago. Basically it starts with a girl standing by a road calling her boyfriend to pick her up... Rest off details in next post...
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Someone pulls up and thinks she's a prostitute and then another prostitute starts having a go at her for nicking her business. She sees a businessman type person and talks to him (i think)... There are two guys in hoods walking down the street and she thinks they might mug her.... She walks down an alleyway and the businessman tries to assault her and one of the hooded guys saves her whilst being chased by the police for carrying a knife.....

This sounds like I made it up but I'm sure it's a real music video I just can't remember the name/artist.

Thanks to anyone that helps...
You sure you havent just had a night out in Liverpool?

You sure you havent just had a night out in Liverpool?

lol i'm sure I didn't dream it... Or maybe I did
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