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Why can't i see animated gifs on my PC? I thought it was FF as i can view them when i use IE on the laptop, but i just tried IE on my desktop and i still can't see them. I mean i can see video and stuff like that, so can't understand what it is, freaks me out because i see people's avatars on here and then when i use the laptop some of them move!!!


Open up Internet Explorer, go to Tools, then Internet Options, then click Advanced Tab. Scroll down and make sure Play Animations and Show Pictures is ticked.

Also, clear your cache while you are there, because sometimes this can stop animations playing.

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Thanks, but they were already ticked, clearing cache doesn't seem to help. Can't find anything in FF that needs enabling

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managed, to fix it, turns out Zone Alarn was blocking them, if anyone else has the same problem then just turn off ad blocking in the privacy tab
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