Viewing my webcam over the internet?

    Im looking for any free or cheap software that will enable me to view my webcam remotely from anywhere in the world. Can anyone make and suggestions or recommendations??


    can you explain a bit more? do you mean you want someone else to view your webcam from another part of the world?

    You can use

    Its totally free

    If you need any help just ask

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    I really need it for viewing my own cam from anywhere. I have logmein already cheers. I was after software that was specific to cams that may be of some use for home Surveillance purposes. Eg sends emails/alerts out when there is movement etc.

    sorry i have no idea

    Ok, you can use logmein for viewing your own camera from elsewhere, granted it does not send emails when there is movement.

    Would be interesting if someone found free software that does this.

    heres a cheap one i found…tml

    only £13 which is next to nothing for security and piece of mind.

    Plus you get a 30 day free trial.

    Heres a site with loads on to browse:…tml

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    thanks custardtart ill take a look at that site


    A better solution might be this:…ce6

    It's basically a little video server box + camera with remote pan/tilt controls. It just connects to your router and you don't need a computer switched on.

    Hope it helps.

    Try out orb, not only can you view your web cam you can also stream media and view any other files that you have told it to share.

    Hello mate, this is what you need, the webcam costs about £13 and has built in security and microphone.

    It can be set to control 5 different zones in one room, so when motion is detected it will send an email to you.…e=5
    Available in red or black.

    Oh and it is also perfect for video Skype.
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