Found 31st May 2007
Does anyone have and info or own one of these…tml MATSUI L2656F Portable LCD Television I am looking into getting a cheap lcd tv and want to know if the quality and picture are good enough. Also views on ordering from pixmania and delivery charges seem a bit mixed up.How much would delivery be on this product?

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You pay £5.50 for delivery-

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Now all i need is some info on if it is any good or not.

Matsui is Dixons Groups' own brand (yes Pixmania is one of theirs, as are PC World, Currys etc.), steer well clear. When I used to work for them (Dixons, or Currys Digital as it is now) we'd have an absolute ton of Matsui TV's back for every one of any other brand and I have no reason to think they'd be any different for portables (never once had a Sony or Panasonic back during my time there if you're wondering what I think is a good brand in regular TV's or Casio in portables - although even the best portables have never been very reliable), they also have a nasty habit of breaking just outside the standard warranty....funny that.

So to summarise: cheap, yes - sh*t, definitely.

Unless they've changed since I worked their of course, which I doubt very much.

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Thank very much for you input megalomaniac it is really appreciated.I will avoid buying that model.I am still looking for a cheapish lcd tv for use with my cctv system.It will only be going in a cupboard so doesn't matter what it looks like.

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Just thought i would add to this thread

My mum in law has a 42" Matsui plasma and it broke down just after the 12 months warranty was finished - cost £270 to fix

Got it fixed at a Euronics centre and they told us that they get Matsui's in all the time for problems and they are not worth buying.

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Thanks for that info.Looks like Matsui should be avoided at all costs.
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