Viewty Help please!!

    Hi guys i ordered an LG Viewty earlier today (took me while to decide what to get but i finally did) i was wondering if anyone could give me some tips on what software is available for it and what you would reccomend? Also any accessories for it ie. a certain case i should get???

    thanks any help appreciated


    I owned one about a year ago. I'd highly recommend getting an invisible shield for it, its a bit of a bitch to fit but once its on it keeps the viewty in perfect condition.

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    awsome will definately get one

    took me a while to figure out how to go down so use the focus thing on the back of the camera to scroll

    a Krussel case is a good buy.

    Leave the screen protector on.
    Don't get a crystal case (mine has taken some paint off :()
    Contrary to popular belief, you can use a 4/8gb micro SD card as long as you always have less than 2gb free space, otherwise the phone won't recognise it - and DON'T format the card in the phone, only on computer.
    Buy a decent headphones, you will need them
    I downloaded a white flash page, which can kind of act as a flashlight - if you search Google, you will find several games and the 'flashlight', as well as other bits and pieces


    P.S. And if it's red, please will you swap with me :-D


    DON'T format the card in the phone, only on computer.

    I learnt that one the hard way, it formatted my 8GB memory card to 1.7GB :w00t:

    I managed to get it back eventually using the PC though
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