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    does anyone know if viglen PCs are any good? I have never heard of this manufacturer before, and can't find much on them online . I am looking to buy a decent PC for gaming at a reasonable price. this one seems to be pretty good value for money (im no expert though) does anyone know if it would be any good? or can recommend a better one in this price range (below £800) please. thanks…624 (tesco direct catalogue number 104-1624. not sure if link is working)


    It's an average system, it lacks detail so the psu could be poor quality and the motherboard might not be that upgradeable.

    This has better parts in general up to date cpu and a superior gpu also ssd. The only down side is you will need another hard drive but if you have a computer already you can repurpose the one in there…787?hash=item5b29946c13:g:YskAAOSwRoxXm-Bz

    Add to that the motherboard and cpu will allow you to overclock meaning you can squeeze out performance on the above. My advice is to always build one yourself, cheaper than buying prebuilt and you can select all the parts.

    If you shop around you can get a system like
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    You are better off finding a local computer company in your area and telling them your budget and getting them to build you one.

    Much better quality and tailored to suit your needs. If you are in Dorset PM me to discuss.

    If the PC is going to be primarily for gaming then you want the graphics card to be a focus. That machine has a £250 CPU and a £120 graphics card, but you'd get much better performance in games if you went for something that has the prices the other way around.

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    thanks everyone have been doing some more research. it wouldn't be just for gaming it would be for general use with some gaming too but if I'm buying a new computer I might as well get the best I can for my budget. i came across this one which seems to be pretty good spec for £850, I do not want to build one myself, but this one seems to calculate to a similar price of a self build. is it good value for money?…280 this one is at the absolute top of my budget. please let me know what you think. thanks.
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