Viking Direct - Can they do that/Advice please?

    When all those chairs were around here on offer from Viking Direct I could have sworn every one was singing their praises in terms of customer services, and any one who did have a problem etc was getting free chairs and discounts etc - just my luck that I am having the exact opposite problem with them, they are completely incompetent and bugging the hell outta me!!

    Here's the tale - ordered a chair on the 14th, it arrived a few days issues there...but it didn't get opened/assembled until Thursday the 20th because it was a birthday gift for me, this is when we realised that there was a problem with it, it had a slight tear and one of the screws was threaded wrong. So we phoned them up and told them, they said they'd send a replacement and collect the broken one the following Wednesday (it was bank holiday so that's OK, but adds to the frustration). We were told the replacement had to go through as a separate order, but assured us 100% we wouldn't actually get charged at any point.

    Well Wednesday came and went, my dad had been stuck in the house the whole day waiting for them despite having plenty to do, so he was royally peed off. I emailed them to ask for an update on the status of the order, why hadn't they come for it, do they really expect people to spend 3 days sat around waiting for stuff etc?

    The next day came and it got to 4pm still with no sign of them or no reply to the email. So my dad called them up and they were very unhelpful 'Were sorry but we can't guarantee delivery/collection dates' 'I dont know when it will get there' etc. At this point he lost patience with them and told them to just cancel the bloody order and the broken one would be waiting for them in the back garden when they were finally ready to collect it. At this exact point...I was getting an email response from the email I had sent yesterday...and there was a knock at the door...dude delivering the new chair (but not collecting the old one).

    Dear customer

    I'm sorry to hear that you still haven't received your replacement order yet.

    Our couriers have picked up the goods from our warehouse. So I've asked my colleagues in the team that deal with missing parcels to look into this for you and call you back as soon as they have some information.

    Thank you for bearing with us.

    Kind regards

    Then a few moments later, obviously after checking with a colleague and hearing my dad got a bit pissy and cancelled the order on the phone I got this one..

    Dear customer

    Please ignore my recent email.

    Our tracing team have advised me that they have tried to contact your account telephone number, they have asked if you can refuse the delivery of the item if it turns up, and they will also contact the courier to advise them to bring the chair back to us.

    Once again I'm really sorry this has happened.

    Do get back in touch with me if there's anything else I can do for you.

    Well we'd already accepted the delivery obviously. And since I now had my new chair, and it was them wanting the old one back I decided to let them chase us...we wasted 3 days already waiting around for them, so I wasn't going to go out of my way to call them! Two days pass and no phone call or email from them. Check my mums banking today and they charged her for the second chair on Friday!

    So rather than call us about it, they decide to just bloody charge us for it so that it becomes in our best interest to make sure it gets returned again.

    I'm just so annoyed at them. But my main question is...can they do that? Can they charge my mums card like that?

    I am about to email them (when I am less annoyed) and want to know if I am allowed to bollock them for how they have treated us, or if it's really just a series of unfortunate events (but if it is, why aren't we getting freebies and money off etc like every one else seemed to be getting!).

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    I ordered 2 chairs and the free CD player, but had no contact with customer services.

    From the thread I would of assumed they had good customer services, didnt read about any bad experiences.

    I think that you have been unlucky.

    Email them asking them to collect the other chair, as they said they would, and saying that you had already accepted the chair before advised not to. Tell them that you have been charged for a second chair and you want this refunding as the first chair is faulty and you are just waiting for them to collect it, as they said they would.
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