Villa unveil charity sponsorship

    Great to see a Premiership team letting a charity sponser them for free, Nice one Villa:

    "The deal will see the charity's logo being carried on the club's shirts for free throughout the 2008/9 season."


    which charity?

    Good for Randy Learner if this is the case, goes to show there are more important things than money in this world.

    Original Poster

    Sorry should have put a link on:…stm

    Its called Acorns


    WoW! A football club giving back to their community!

    Whatever next? Allowing real fans back into the grounds by lowering prices? NO CHANCE!

    Good on the Villa!…stm

    well for that the get my vote. well done villa

    its for a childrens hospice…stm

    excellent gesture from villa - not exactly one of the richest teams in premiership

    i think barco do this as well - think its unicef - but they are owned by supporters so really its not the money that there after just the prestige of being a top team



    Thats great news, makes me feel a bit better about the amount I have to spend on new villa kit next time:thumbsup:

    Can't see why more clubs don't follow suit.



    Can't see why more clubs don't follow suit.

    cos there isnt any profit in it ;-)



    cos there isnt any profit in it ;-)

    Sad but true.
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