vimto/ribena - why so expensive

    does anyone know why ribena and vimto are more expensive than other cordials?

    i like vimto and i buy it no matter the cost - but i asked someone to pick me some up today and they were suprised at the cost - which i have never thought about before



    Vimto cordial is Buy-one-get-one-free in Tesco at the moment.

    vimto nearly always is on some offer or another. i buy it alot lol.

    Haven't you seen the adverts billions of berries are need to produce it.
    Billions of berries cost money;)

    Original Poster

    we shop at asda - its never on offer there!

    time to shop around!

    Ribena is so expensive for the price of a 2 litre bottle I could stock up on Orange or Blackcurrent drinks for a month.
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