Vintage BMX Help!

    Hi, Are there any vintage BMX enthusiasts on here?

    Can anyone help identify my old bike?



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    nope never seen it before, oh wait, haven't seen it now

    Very funny. Thanks!

    Yeah that's Speccy Mike's from down the high street's bike

    Yep, I remember one of those. I think they were at the 'cheaper' end of the scale. I'm sure a mate of mine had one - that colour too. I seem to remember that whilst we were all riding around on our Raleigh Burners, he had one. Can't remember the manufacturer though. Gotta be... crikey... very early 80's.

    Ohhh I loved my raleigh Burner with mag wheels lol

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    Thanks guys! It's defo a Piranha (As the decal says so!) but there are different variations, the wheels threw me, i've looked all over the net and i can't match them.

    Does anyone think it's worth selling?

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    Cheers pal! Nice find and thanks very much for looking!

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