*Vintage* or old! Land Rover Gift Ideas for a fanatic!!

Found 3rd Oct 2010
Hello, Really would like some help on this one!

As everyone is doing it, thought I would jump on the 'its nearly christmas, best get presents' bandwagon... So, my search begins.

My father loves, and has an older Land Rover..as well as a Massey Ferguson Tractor..so I'm looking for ideal gifts. I have no idea what kind of accessories a land rover could have etc.. so any help would be great.

Anything fun, or useful I would like to hear of. Generally cheap as poss, as need to get other gifts too.. highest price of £50 MB.

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your best option is to get in touch with someone from the land rovers society - they'll be able to give you loads of advice i bet and probably put you in touch with reputable sellers.

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