Posted 17th Jan 2023
Hi , I’m fairly new to Vinted and so far so good .
I do have a few questions though . When selling shoes with a box will that class as a medium package for postage or would I need to send them without the box ?
When an item hasn’t sold would I be better to keep dropping the price , bumping it , or taking it off and relisting again in a week or two ?
Thank you
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    This is based purely off of my experience so your experience may differ.

    1. Depends on the size but most likely yes. It’ll all be weight and size dependent at the post office. You can choose what to set as the package size do set it accordingly so you don’t get skinned for postage.

    2. Drop the price or bump it if you think it’s a desirable item. I wouldn’t bother reposting it over and over as it’s frustrating for buyers trying to find new stock when the same user just keeps spamming their stuff that nobody wants.
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    Measure the shoe box and then go on your courier of choice and see what it costs for shipping. You'll likely find different couriers have different box sizes and thresholds. Sometimes changing the box can save me one.

    My rule is bump once if it's a decent item (or lower price) and then give away to a charity store if it's worthwhile or a textile recycling centre. (edited)
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    I would send shoes in a box medium with evri ( my postage choice, no problem)

    With items that don’t sell, if people favourite I leave it a couple of days then send and offer like a £1 off maybe £2. Maybe after a few weeks I would drop the price by a couple of £’s
    If still hasn’t sold and I’m in no hurry I just keep it there. If I know the item will sell i re upload and a fair few of these have sold.
    Or upload a couple of new items daily brings the algorithm up and sell more that way
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