Posted 15th Dec 2022
I'm seeing a lot of fairly newish Nintendo Switchs on Vinted. No reviews on the seller but that's understandable as I have items for sale and not got any reviews yet either. Is it worth the risk, cuz if I don't get the item, it arrives damaged or isn't what they say it was, I can claim a refund surely.
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    If something is too cheap it's normally a scam. People don't get rid of tech in demand for cheap, especially around Xmas time
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    Nintendo switch?? I thought vinted was for used clothes or something?

    It's a red flag, it would be like me trying to sell a waffle iron on auto trader
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    How much are they selling for and what model Switch is it? (edited)
    came across a few, both models around 100-120
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    I was looking at something on vinted too and seemed low in price seller had No reviews. So didn’t get from that seller. But was thinking that same regarding refund. I thought you would be covered. Interested to know others thoughts.
    I thought maybe they just want rid and don't really know that its actually worth a lot more. Then I thought what if its a new profile, you pay up and once the money is cleared, their account goes but from what I gather as my mum sells a lot on there, can take a few days for the money to go into your account
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    Don't do it. A bit of googling and it's a well documented scam. Not just with switches but lots of other things too lego/other consoles etc. Priced to tempt you. Either it doesn't turn up, you'll get an empty box or you'll get it via another company and be invoiced by them. Scammers hope that you won't act in 48 hours which by then vinted release the money.
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    They are scams I’ve read a lot of reviews and things from people talking about exact scams like this, you can buy ‘series x Xbox’ for about 100 pounds plus games but you never get the product
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    Vinted is a scammer's paradise.
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    someone posted on here the other day, they’re out £400 on Vinted , because of unhelpful policy
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    Don't ever use Vinted or any of those trendy apps for buying.

    They are either scams exploiting terrible policies on the app that let them get away with anything, or if real it's people expecting/listing things at 20-30% more than eBay prices because they think it's somehow special with less competition.

    Stick with eBay. Sellers here complain (frequently) that policies are always on the side of customers.
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    Depends what you mean by newish. Do you mean condition or model. Or both? It's not that unusual to find them for between £100-£120 used from private sellers. I have no experience of Vinted though. So if you're unsure, leave it. (edited)
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    yeah thought it was a scam. They do sell more than just clothes on there, I've got a few games listed, prob wait till the new year to list anything else. I will keep saving, just sold enough to get a Switch but they've all shot up in price again. Might wait to see if a Switch 2 gets announced next year.
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    To offer constructive advice here - if you want a really cheap Switch, I recommend Cash Converters. Go online, and you'll have to sift through - different prices from different stores, different grades etc but you can find the occasional gem, and it's all totally guaranteed.

    Stay clear of buying from private sellers anywhere for tech- even if it works right away, you're scuppered if it fails anytime in the next year.
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