Vinyl Record Player £40-£60 ?

Found 2nd Aug
Looking at an entry Level Player like a Bush / GPO / ION or even stretch a little to a Crosley. I want to be able to play music (speakers attached) but also plug in some external speakers! Any help would be welcome!
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All the £19.99 Bush portable models knocked out by Argos have integral speakers, plus headphone out that could be used as source for external speakers…le/
Can you not play music on your phone/ computer? Or do you not want to join us in the 21st century?
Aldi may still have some, not sure how good they are … the Crosley, for instance, has a terrible reputation on youtube channels, very heavy stylus pressure causing premature wear and "greying" - the only thing worse is the ones that drive around the record…ds/
The Stylo also gets a major markdown - unless there is a weight adjustment, any model is probably going to be too heavy on the stylus and records, ploughing away detail in only a few playings.
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I've still got my record player from 1985.
Do you not care about audio quality? These cheap players sound horrific

This is a better cheaper option

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Before you buy one call into some charity shops if there are any near you.
They occasionally have ones, sometimes decent ones and you can pick them up for next to nothing.
Just make sure it's working in the shop before you buy. You can then buy a new needle for it.
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