Vinyls on Wall

Im thinking of buying some vinyls and sticking them up in my room!
How would i go about sticking them onto my wall though?


best bet is to get something like this to save ruining the sleeves mate, there are some cheaper about but this was one i saw earlier!



you mean old fashioned vinyl records... vinyl wallpaper... what?

and you'd need good strong glue!

Sounds like a good plan but I'd be worried about if I was to do something like this Id have to go out an buy another copy of each!

Frame them or get a shelve, otherwise you may ruin them..

Original Poster

just going to be sticking the discs themselves up!
So just glue?


just going to be sticking the discs themselves up!So just glue?

Glue would work but it would proberly ruin them. hope there not worth anything :thumbsup:

it'd look a bit 80's dont you think?

if you dont care about ruiningthe records then get some spray glue or a couple of dabs of no more nails..
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