Virfing on youTube for HHO gas to go into the car.

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Found 17th Aug 2009
That's my word, "virfing", it means video surfing, spread it around....

Anyway I was virfing for HHO gas installations into cars. But it seems to be nearly just an American thing.

Has anyone done it in the UK, and was it a good idea?

Things I am concerned about:

Pulling water into the engine, not just the gas, cos the gas mixes with petrol or diesel on the intake side.
How often is alitre of water used?
How much bi-carb has to go in?
An extra 20 Amps is just like putting larger halogen lights in, but does this 20Amps, that is used for electrolisis have a major impact on fuel economy?

Thanks anyone that replies.

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Virfing = Not gonna catch on


Virfing = Not gonna catch on



Virfing = Not gonna catch on

Not ever.


Original Poster

You are all just jealous you didn't think of it!
It'll be as great as Blackadders "green" gold.

Huh it won't catch on. I'm still waiting for ]glubs to catch on.
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