Virgin 1000 Texts

    Did anyone recieve this Freebie?

    I did but it says for PAYG and im on contract!!

    Will I be able to use it?


    nope i never rec'd mine and i am on PAYG

    Original Poster


    nope i never rec'd mine and i am on PAYG

    £10 and its yours!! lol

    I never received anything either.... What a load of rubbish

    Got mine.
    You needed to be registered with virgin online.

    I got it. Using it wisely

    Original Poster

    Im on contract so will have got my details like that!!

    Will it work for me? Otherwise I will have no use for it!

    Try. Never know til you try :-D

    I got 2 sent to home for 2 accounts.

    got mine -


    Got mine.You needed to be registered with virgin online.

    i am registered but still never received mine

    what was it?

    Got mine as well. It was mailed to my registered address.

    Got mine witih a few minutes of sending the text...:)

    Just been looking for the original post...can't find it...has it expired?

    Both my daughters sent texts & got a text reply back, but got nothing in the mail with code/voucher or whatever.
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