Virgin Active Gym Membership

Found 19th Jul 2008
How much do you think I would have to pay a month for a membership at Virgin Active - Leeds based on the following:

12 Month Rolling Contract
Available at Peak Times
Club Only.
Age 24
Community Updates
Sign up to your local council gym, the rates will be much more favourable, and you will find the gym is probably empty cos its not cool to go there ;-)

However, saying that, the membership at Thorpe hotel in colton is fantastic, what side of leeds are you? Cos the Oulton Hall gym is top notch too
Dont' know about your local gym but ours is £38 a month on the same basis you are talking about.
think your looking at £50 with virgin. i got with fittness first for 29.95 by saying i wouldnt go to any other gyms just my local one. maybe try that angle for cheaper....
sign up through quidco to Pruhealth. You're not locked into any contract with either Virgin or Pruhealth and can cancel your health insurance at any time which will cancel your Gym membership.

Health cover is £30 a month and for the first 3 months you must pay £15 extra for the gym. After 3 months (assuming you go atleast twice a week to the gym) you're gym membership will be free!
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