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Virgin Atlantic flight to Orlando. Complimentary Drinks?

Posted 20th Oct 2015
Flying with Virgin to Orlando on Friday afternoon. Just wondering if the drinks are complimentary or is it just one drink?

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Complimentary every time I've done this flight.
Yes they are complimentary but this is a cost in your " flight". I flew with virgin to Orlando last month. Juice & water is always available to help yourself. Carbonate and alcoholic drinks/mixers when flight attendants come round ( however flight attendants very accommodating if you ask for extra soft drinks ) Enjoy !
Pretty much all transatlantic/cross continent flights offer free drinks and food. They may only come round 2 or 3 times but if you want more drinks, just ask for them.
With Virgin you can simply call an attendant or take a stroll to a galley to ask for a drink
I just used the call button to request more refreshments. Some people were moaning as they got off the flight over the lack of drinks served. It had been quite clearly stated that if you needed anything, just to ask.
The holiday has finally arrived then OP? Bet you can't wait.
Leaving tomorrow afternoon for Gatwick. Staying overnight before flying Friday afternoon at 1.00. Buzzing at the moment. Can't wait!!!
yes they are I have a florida guide I wrote and regularly update I send you if you want, also have a website but can't promote that on here. DM me your email if you want the guide
yay thread back from the dead :)_

apologies i did not realise your promoting your guide to florida on all florida threads

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