virgin broadband.

    Hi has anyone got a uk virgin broadband number that i can ring to speak to someone about my price of broadband for the month, had it 12 months now and want to try and get a better deal many thanks.


    Might want to hint about cancelling and moving to Sky

    I had exactly the same situation a short while ago. They will only offer you a free upgrade but this has to include calls and that was no good for me. If you ring and ask for the MAC code that will prompt them to give you a better deal. So see what they offer and if it is no good then consider swapping;-)


    if you have the other packages with them then ring 150 and haggle I got mine reduced I think it was about 50 per month with everything got them down to 33 so haggle and tell them you will go else ware my friends husband does it every few monts
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