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    I'm wanting to get the 10meg broadband offer from virgin, I've been told that it's cheaper to have a phone line installed as well even if i never use it, but I've been quoted a price of £22.50 a month, is that really the best price I can get? do you think I'd be better starting on the slower broadband and then haggling my way up with the customer retention team.

    I also got the whole This offer ends today crap, so not too impressed with that.

    Also If I signed up for the medium package am I stuck in a 12 month contract on the medium package, if so wouldn't it make sense to get the cheapest possible package then I could upgrade or downgrade at will right?

    Please anyone who knows more about this, clue me in. also can I sign up online, maybe get some qudico or something?

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    Minimum contract term is 12 months but you are allowed to switch to any package / selection with 30 days notice

    BB prices are cheap when taken with a phone line.
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