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    Hi All,
    It turns out our area is not going to get an upgrade from BT Openreach to fibre any time soon. However Virgin is available to me. The kids all want to stream at the same time, hence the need to upgrade.

    I only want broadband to be honest like most people nowadays. Not really interested in phone line or TV as we have mobiles and NowTv/FreeSat.

    Anyone got any ideas on how to get Virgin's prices down? Quidco offer some discounts however not that much. It seems the cheapest I can get broadband only for is around £320 for the year which feels a little high.

    I also note that some of the TV/Phone/Broadband deals are not far from this price which is nuts.



    I have BB only. I pay £32.75 for 200 MB. Like yourself I could probably get better "value" with a phone line I would never use, or TV.

    I would do a comparison with what saving you get with a phone line and TV Vs BB on its own. For me £32.75 is ok and its a 12 month deals with £10 loyalty discount.


    Rind Virgin and ask how many carrots they are prepared to dangle in front of you.
    Do not accept their first offer.

    Mad. I have been with virgin since telewest. Dropped xl tv package last month and all they could give me is 100mb for 35 a month which has reduced from 70inc phone line rental even though i dont need it.

    I have broadband only for £18.25/month.

    Bb + phone line £15.80 month

    I pay about £270 for 200mb and phone and the basic TV package i tried talking to them loads of different times on their live webchat until they gave me a deal i was happy with

    i started with well i have sky and they are excellent but they only go up to X speed and i was wondering how much it would be for a bit extra

    be cheeky ask if they have any discount codes ask them if they can do you a better deal ask if they will do 6 months half price

    tell them you can get it for X price with sky by signing up in your wifes name or they have offered you X offer

    just dont stop keep going and be prepared to walk away and try again another time

    best time i foundwas early afternoon when it is quieter and towards the end of the month when the sales people are trying to hit their targets for bonus

    Call them and see what they will offer we are in 150Mb for £22, no phone line, the first person you speak to will probably not offer a good deal but ask to speak to a manager and tell them your mate has X price and they normally match.
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