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Make sure when you have VIRGIN package installed you actually have A PHONE LINE available. Unlike us, having it removed now after we signed for TV, BROADBAND AND PHONE. They then said "there is no phone available". Getting rid! don't like being lied too. Poor show.


Not entirely virgins fault, they access a database which all companies do, open reach are also the ones responsible for the last mile (I think it's that much) so none of the companies have any control over that

presume you never had broadband before then? as that uses the phone line..
When virgin got installed 10 year's ago BT used to remove the connection between the local Street exchange and house.. so to leave virgin then cost £150 BT reconnection fee. luckily I got sky to do it for free about 8 years ago and have not left sky since.

virgin dont use openreach they use the old tenet network


virgin dont use openreach they use the old tenet network

Only in areas that were covered, in other areas they use BT or KCom, like everyone else.

Virgin sell phone and no phone packages, if you sign up to a phone package and dont have one, the computer has a melt down.

BTW, if you need a phone line putting in, DONT ask BT, the Open Reach charge is £50 + vat = £60; lots of the smaller ISPs will get OR to do it and only pass on the OR charges.
The headline prices may be higher, but the line rental and call charges tend to be much cheaper, so the small ISPs can work out better value than the big boys.

My line rental, on a monthly contract with no Quidco etc, is £13.99, and I can call most places in the world for 5ppm.

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Thanks folks. May try BT/EE.

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Have had broadband b4
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