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Found 5th Dec 2017
I’m coming up to the end of my ‘welcome discount’ with Virgin, and have been told the price will go up from the current £18 pcm to £34, which to me seems like a huge increase. I don’t need any TV or landline, it’s just for standard internet usage for one person in a one-bed flat - so I know I’m not the most ‘appealing’ of customers because I won’t be spending a huge amount with them. They’ve offered me a £7.50 discount online if I continue, but that still doesn’t seem like a great ‘deal’ to me. Is it worth changing providers, who seem to be offering £18 deals etc.? I’m not great with technology so don’t understand much what the difference might be in terms of speeds etc.
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Hi, i would play it something like this.....Put a cancellation in 31 days before contract expires. You can bluff them out till the last second and cancel the cancellation if you want. Wait a couple of weeks and i bet they fall over themselves to offer a better deal to stay.

If not, just change.
I spent 30 mins arguing for a discount yesterday, and they were having none of it.

Will try again tomorrow, then serve my notice - hoping for a retention offer..

If not, will let the contract lapse, and start again in my partner's name.
Pardon my ignorance, but what would be the difference, (if any), if I switched to BT infinity?
(in terms of speeds etc.)
shaq2153 m ago

Message me. I can do you a deal on the BB

It won’t let me I’m afraid, not been ‘active’ enough apparently!
Well here’s the thing. If you go for BT or anything through the BT Network chances are you will have to pay around £18 just for the landline that your broadband will run through and if your into unlimited download then will have to pay more on top of that.

In terms of Virgin you can ring them when your contract nears its end and renegotiate and they will normally offer some discount over the phone to stay with them. If it’s less than £20 a month with no line rental then it’s probably the cheapest you are going to get.
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