Virgin broadband, 50mb or more?

Found 3rd Sep 2017
I've got 2 laptops, about 3-5 phones and a SkyQ box (sometimes xbox too).

Nothing major in terms of downloading huge files, just normal browsing/videos. I like to play online mmorpg games but I can't imagine if there's any change in 50mb+. I was on 50 for the past year and i didn't notice much slowing down but it did cut out every now and then. Games like FIFA on the xbox ran fine.

So i was wondering, is there any use in going up to 100mb when no one in the house does any heavy file downloading/uploading. What "noticeable" difference would there be in the higher speed with stuff like fifa/gta on the xbox or online mmorpgs? Could a higher speed reduce how often my net cuts out? (like it stops for 15 secs then starts working).

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Steam is pretty good at saturating the connection but I'm not sure if xbox live can deliever the same bandwidth.
4k uses alot, the problem with virgin is upload speeds are low so easy to saturate it
I had 100gb bit every month it was being used and then some. I play Xbox online and usual mobile browsing And on the odd occasion a film on amazon prime(they are all crap) and my daughters all about her phone and YouTube etc. I looked at the pie chart of our usage online and it says over 75% was youtube!! I've had to increase mine to 350gb now. I know that doesn't answer your question but I thought I'd share as it may help you gage things. Ps mine is not virgin or lightstream
I think you'd be fine with 50mb - I have similar usage at my house and we never struggle with 50mb. I was on virgin previously and they gave me a free months trial of 200mb and I noticed no difference at all. I think the only time you benefit is when you're downloading the huge game/system updates, but is that enough to justify the extra cost?
I think anything over 8mb is fast enough for most people. I used to have 100mb VM and switched to Sky fibre and get speeds between 30-40mb and don't really notice any difference. It's only when downloading large files that you would notice takes a little longer but not always because the third party server might not allow to download at full speed anyway. I've often got 7+ devices connected and browsing speed isn't really affected at all.
yeh thats what I figured, apart from downloading it shouldn't be that much of a difference which we don't do much anyway.

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