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Found 14th Jun 2010
Hi all,

I got virgin installed today and have just got round to setting up the wireless, the internet has been working fine through the ethernet cable that comes from some other box they have plugged in but when i run the cable from there to the internet socket on the back of the router (a dir-615) the internet symbol comes up orange and wont connect to the internet when going through the setup? can anyone help me please?
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you need to login to the router configuration page and check the settings such as the dns.
where do i go about doing that?
go to [url][/url] but the "other box" your talking about is your modem. modem connected to wall and in turn to the router, you need another ethernet cable to connect your laptop/pc to your router, insert the setup cd and then follow the steps (setting up your router, email etc) during that you will have the options to set up wireless and change the defult WEP password to make your network secure.
assuming the engineer has okayed your dir-615 (whatever that is)hope fully its not a dsl router cos u can't use that, well you prob can but not so easy.

simply switch it all off then on again in this order
1. the "mysterious new box" wait a min....
2. the dlink router wait another minute...
3. your pc,
it is the modem the other box... silly me, ive got all the wires plugged in correctly and gone through all the cd and got to the end of setup after saving all settings and then it just say internet cable not connected properly but im pretty sure it is its just the light that is orange not green so it knows its connected... i have been on the virgin website and put in the postcode and it says there is a problem... mmm interesting
Its more than likely their problem then, VM are generally very good
still cant get this to work, is there a freephone number for virgin?

still cant get this to work, is there a freephone number for virgin?

I'm assuming you followed my earlier advice, try resetting the dlink unit to factory default, should be in the manual how to do that.

still cant get this to work, is there a freephone number for virgin?

have you got a virgin phone line? if so its 150 and choose technical support.
I thought it was 151 for tech support, 0151 477 7590 from, if no success then perhaps try 0800 0730551, 0800 9529857, 0800 9530454, 0800 9531122, 0800 9535000, 0800 9535383, 0800 052038 & 0800 5610061 these are for BB service info
I also had massive headache when setting up the wireless router they gave me. First of all just connect the modem into the computer without the wireless router it should connect to the internet if it doesnt its a problem on virgins end, if it connects the wireless routher is giving you trouble. In the end after several hours of trying It recognised the network and just started working..
Have you sorted it out yet? Yes the black box (i think it says scientific atlantica on it) is the modem
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