virgin broadband or stick with bt

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Found 22nd Sep 2010
i have bt total broadband unlimited and am getting about 2 meg of slowness
i have been looking at the virgin xxl broadband package with the phone its a little extra but am not sure. i have heard a few bad things about virgin so am a bit sceptical.
i am a heavy downloader lol

whats your experience with them
what is the xxl package like



have you tried asking bt for infiniti? why are you only getting 2 meg? distance from exchange?

i got 50mb according to im gettin 30mb and 1.6mb upload in actual download speed i get 3.9 from megaupload (i aint a account holder)

before it i had 10mb and used to get 9mb from speedtest is highly inaccurate, might as well pluck a number from thin air.

I find to be best - My Results

I've always got the advertised speed from VirginMedia but I understand there are some areas of the country that don't due to local bottlenecks and over-subscription.

I'd say give them a go and, if you don't get what they say, go back to ADSL - there are always deals around with O2 etc. If it works properly, cable is the best option by far.

Isn't there £165 cashback on QuidCo with Virgin? That may sway your decision...

Virgin broadband is far more reliable than BT, I ran as soon as I could from BT! The only issue I have is that their Tech Support isnt great but still not as bad as BT's

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thanks for the advice guys it's a tough one virgin tv sounds good but shall I lose my beloved sky + box lol

Im getting 36mb atm on virgin (peak time), with BT the most I could expect is about 4mb. And thats with my wires outside my house spliced together above ground (cause virgin made a mess of the install). BT cannot compete with virgin on the broadband speeds and that is a fact. The broadband is however the only good thing about virgin lol

If i moved house tomorrow and I couldnt get virgin broadband I would not move there.

BT are ****s of the highest order.

Dont take the full bundle, keep your sky + and just have virgin broadband and phone thats what i've done and managed to wangle a great deal out of both in the process....
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