Ok - so I've been surfing this FABULOUS site for a good year or so now - but never posted - so please be kind if this is in the wrong place.

    I renewed my Virgin media package today and was wondering if I had a good deal - and if so wanted to let others know what's available.
    If I got a crappy deal then I have 14 days to change my mind....haggle for a new one.

    So - until today, my package included the following for a total price of £71 a month;

    XL TV package - all the entertainment channels
    Sky Movies pack plus Disney Cinemagic
    Sky Sports pack plus Setanta
    Free On Demand and Catch up (- free with L and XL I believe)
    Unlimited landline calls - day/night & line rental
    10 MBit Broadband - unlimited download
    V+ box - free of charge, free installation, free HD channels (gained last renewal)

    So - today on my renewal - they insisted the cost could not be improved for the package but would include all of the above, plus
    Free Wireless Router
    Free dongle plus 1GB monthly allowance at £5 per month for mobile broadband - 2Mbit
    Free wireless USB adapter for the PC
    Free additional (basic) box in other room & free connection (offered 2nd V+ at £99 one off cost)
    Free PAYG mobile phone - don't recall the model

    So in total - same price as above plus £5 for wireless broadband.
    I have already offered router and mobile phone to family as I have no need for them but took advantage of anything offered. I didn't take the 2nd box as a V+ but just the basic. They also offered to upgrade me to the VIP complete package which would've included 20Mbit broadband for a total of £86 a month (before wireless broadband).
    Just to let you all know - the mobile and dongle were organised through Virgin Mobile not the retention department.

    So - please let me know if your package is better value and I should keep haggling.
    Otherwise - I hope I helped someone else get a better price.


    Seems expensive at first but Sky would charge £82 a month for similar ( all channels, movies, sport and HD, line rental, fastest broadband, router, free calls).

    Then you'd have 129 for HD box and installation.

    And you wouldn't get the PAYG phone, wireless dongle, or free 2nd multiroom box.

    Looks pretty good, but maybe if you looked around different companies for each thing, it might work out cheaper?

    Original Poster

    In my area I cannot get caller ID with Virgin media which is a big bone of contention for me! Virgin don't do all the HD channels either at the mo...but I hear that should change in the next few months.

    BUT - the main issue for me was the broadband. My area's bandwith is maxed at 5Mbit on BT line....for which I'd also have to pay the extra for of course...wheras with Virgin I get the full 10Mbit. That's the only reason I stayed.

    I noticed Sky were offering £50 M&S vouchers as a sweetener to new customers too!
    So - now - just to make sure I get the best if I have to sacrifice caller ID again............

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    Also - the 2nd basic box service is available free of charge for new customers taking out the HD+ box. It doesn't state the offer but appears if both are selected. The £50 vouchers aren't automatically selected either - you must tick the box.....devious!

    the only hd channel they have is bbc hd.

    OP repped for being so helpful.

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    Awwww - thanks for the rep!!!

    BBC is the only HD channel at the mo.

    I read an article recently about the bandwith capacity freeing up from analogue users reducing/ converting and that paired with the new Sky relations suggests more HD may be coming Virgin's way soon.

    How true that is.....or how soon 'soon' is.....well, who knows??? I won't hold my breath......8 years later - still no caller ID!!!

    you're very welcome.
    i have been with virgin media since they took over blueyonder ...

    at least we are getting all the sky channels back

    Original Poster

    Yes - plus the extra couple for XL customers.....

    I've was with NTL and at least I can say the customer service (for me anyway) has improved no end! NTL were horrendous!!!! And the number of times the TV would crash......arghhh!
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