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Hi Guys,

Just wondered if any of you took a gamble and left your contract early? I cant afford to keep mine ive had it for 12 months and got 6 months left! im on a £25 a month contract and dont use hardly any texts as my thumb hurt (arphritis) they wont change the mins/texts bundle for me. I mean they cant take what i aint got .....and my tax credits have justbeen stopped


they can and will! you will get sued. Call them and see if you can get the tariff reduced?

cant you change down to a lower plan for the last months of the contract?

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ive tried and they said they cant reduce it no lower than my original £25


ive tried and they said they cant reduce it no lower than my original £25

then your stuck... :-(

you will have to try find the money to pay them. :-(

you can lower your contract after 9 months, downgrade it ask them about that when you reach nine months as for getting out of your contract its a no go i,m afraid, not until your 12 months are up

what phone do you have? if its a decent phone you could always try to sell it n put it in the bank and use that money to pay the rest of the remaining months off with.

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I have a poo one as mine got stolen

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Im also on a 18month contract not 12 and 12 months into mine

Ring them and tell them your situation and see if they can do anything......... Worth a try ......... Make it clear your circumstances have changed and you genuinely cannot afford to pay.

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To make things worse my son weed on my laptop earlier

My son was 12 months into an 18 month contract when he had a car accident. I rang virgin up explained he was in hospital and wouldnt be working for approx 10 months.
Must have got a nice person on the phone because they changed the remainder of his contract to payg.
Hope this helps.
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