Virgin email address?

Posted 1st Jun 2008

Quick question. I am going to quit virgin but want to keep my @ntlworld email address.

Will it still work after i cancel my contract?

I really don't want to set up a new email because of the hassle of changing my details on many websites that have my details i.e paypal, amazon, play. I currently access it through outlook.

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Not sure about virgin, but when we left orange we had the email address for about a year afterwards, but only accessing through the website not outlook.

Think that you can pay so much each month to keep it, but not sure how much
yes it'll still work.

Mine does and I left when it was still NTL
Mine stopped working about 2 days after I left Virgin.

You need to request your MAC code.Look here : … You need to request your MAC code.Look here :

We left blueyonder a year ago now and ours is still alive through VIrgin, didn't have to do anything it has just kept going.
Your mac code is for changing broadband provider not email.

Virgin must have changed rules when they took over
Not advisable to keep using it for purchasing, however.
I have my virgin email still going from years back but you will not be able to send from there email servers
thanks to all for the help.

all repped
A lesson to be learned here.
Never use email addresses tied to your ISP.
Go for gmail.

A lesson to be learned here.Never use email addresses tied to your ISP.Go … A lesson to be learned here.Never use email addresses tied to your ISP.Go for gmail.

yeah true.

i have a gmail address.

have just set it up with outlook. will change my details on the sites that matter to me.
hi i used to work for virgin broadband support
no u will not be able to keep your email address

when your account is cancelled your email address will be cancelled also to allow anybody else to set it up
occasionaly the process wont complete fully and people still have access to the email
however its almost 100% that u will not have access to use anything my advice is if u are leaving transfer everything to different emails b4 ure final cancellation date
as others have said i recomend gmail
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