Virgin have put the price up again !

    Received a mail shot today announcing new prices ;-)

    Call charges for 01 / 02 numbers up 3.25p / min from 3p

    Call charges to 0845 / 0844 numbers have gone up as well with a flat rate system in place

    Connection fee per call is now 7p


    i was meant to write about this last week my company prints and enclosing the letters for virgin media aswell as bt and certain banks but totally forgot about it

    i think if you have one of the call plans it wont affect it only if like me you dont have a call plan

    please correct me if im wrong


    Connection fee per call is now 7p

    7p to potentially go through to a voicemail??!! Jeez.

    We are with Virgin, for the amount of calls we actually make it's not worth bothering with for the line rental, as soon as our 12 months is up we are going to downgrade to just have the £10 Broadband and lose our phone line all together and just use mobiles.


    How else are they going to remain competitive on their TV package deal. They are like Sky, entice the new customer and screw the existing ones. TV packages, eventually, are going to get like electricity or gas. Where you need to renew your package with someone else yearly just to get the best deal!!

    It will start to lose it's customers if they keep increasing the call charges. Then the costs of the other services will rise to compensate.:x

    *hugs my contract mobiles*


    *hugs my contract mobiles*

    That's very sad.:giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:

    hehe but they've saved me so much...
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