Virgin hub 3 problems and solution

Posted 26th Jul 2020
Been having ongoing issues with my virgin hub 3.

Ive read there are common problems with this hub.

My issues are

Poor WiFi coverage and drop outs on connection. When I say drop outs I mean it loses connection on my devices, the hub disappears from my WiFi list on my devices, the hub white light is on showing its working but I can't connect. Switching it off and on fixes it untill it happens again

I have 2 question

1.A mesh system will fix my WiFi coverage, but will it stop the hub disconnecting?

2.If i buy a new router and turn my virgin hub 3 into modem only will I still experience the connection issues?

Hope I've explained it well.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. have wired it to my PlayStation and still have loss of connection.
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