virgin increasing bband speeds? (are they?)


    i remember reading on here that virigin media are/were doubling there bband speeds

    i just wonder if anyone has heard of this recently?



    yes they have 10 mb to 20mb....already happend for me in blackpool

    They are working their way around the country.Still waiting here in Cleveland.Bit more info here:

    We have 10meg at the moment and are due to have 20 any day now, but be aware they are going to put download caps on your accounts.
    I can't remember the figures but it ain't high.

    Had it for a while now as i was on the testing program.

    No probs with a download cap though and i've hammered it for months. :thumbsup:

    But what about us people on 4mb's, will our speed be increased?…tml

    Broadband Size: XL - up to 20Mb

    It's here! 20Mb broadband for XL customers

    That's right from May 1st our flagship XL broadband service is rolling out to a supersonic 20Mb. Although the existing 10Mb service is already four times faster than other industry players1, we've decided to step on the gas and double the speed.

    Download an MP3 track in 2 seconds or an episode of your favourite TV show in just two and a half minutes. 2

    Roll out of the service is taking place over the Summer as we can only boost one region at a time. Check out the roll out plan .
    Keeping you up to speed

    So what will the new speeds be?
    We're increasing our download speeds to a supersonic 20Mb! We're also increasing our upload speed to 768Kb.

    What does this mean for customers?
    To give you an idea of the new speeds, our Broadband Size: XL customers will be able to download an MP3 track in 2 seconds, a full album in less than 30 seconds, or an episode of their favourite TV show in just two and a half minutes. The faster upload speed of 768Kb means that customers will be able to send emails or upload photos even faster than before.

    When will Broadband Size: XL be increased to 20Mb in my region?
    On the 1st May we'll start to increase Broadband Size: XL speeds region by region – with Swansea, Bromley and Guildford among the first areas to receive the upgrade. We expect the upgrade to be completed over the summer.

    ]Find out when 20Mb is coming to your area.

    Please note that in a very small minority of areas, where the network has capacity restrictions, only speeds of up to 16Mb may be achievable. This network infrastructure will be upgraded, but a time for this upgrade has yet to be scheduled.

    Who will get the speed upgrade?
    All new and existing customers who have Virgin Broadband Size: XL will automatically be upgraded to the new 20Mb broadband service. The speed increase will not be available to customers with Virgin Broadband M or L.

    At the same time they are running throttling trials in other areas ?

    my area just says 'To be confirmed' we're on 10mb at the moment
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