Virgin Installation - Need Advice

Posted 12th May
Has anyone had a visit from virgin media to get their tv box and broadband installed (fresh install) in the last 6 weeks?

I work from home and need to change my broadband and have chosen virgin. I have my install date in the next two weeks and was wondering has virgin cancelled on you recently?

Thank you in advance for messaging... just want to stop thinking the worst
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Has you house previously had virign fitted? If so you can do a self install, easy enough and one phone call to activate
its gucci they still doing appointments as normal bro
I think they are still installing as it says on the website that they are prioritising NHS workers installations.
I live in a very small purpose built flat. Ground floor flat has virgin and I’m on first floor and this flat has never had virgin. I’ve had my first visit where they have inspected which went fine... unfortunately self install is not possible
Hi. i have had mine done last tuesday. After numerous issues

Initially supposed to install 8th April
Since no network to the house they said they wont do it on 8th. Bare in mind no one told me why or what they were waiting for.
Then my date gets pushed to 29th April. Still i have no tv phone or wifi at all as i have just moved to the property.
then on the 29th it gets pushed back AGAIN. This time to May 5th and only then i find out they are going to do some digging on the pavement.
Even on the day of the digging for the cables to the house - i had to HOUND virgin media to come and install.

They were awful on customer services. Technicians didnt really wear PPE gloves and things like that and they barely social distanced on the 4 different times they came to my property. At the moment theyre the only ones doing new installs and by current pandemic ive been forced to remain with them.
Managed to get some compensation for being out of service though which was only done because I had to chase and chase them.
Just be cautious that VM will pick the easy excuse out being Covid.
They should update their online pages regarding Covid and Engineers more often because they then go onto say they hardly have engineers but the engineer that connected me up eventually on May 5th - said they’re not that short staffed.
Hope this helps you.
Not virgin, but I had BT pushing date from March the 20th to June 26th. The reason according to them is that they’re not allowed to get inside peoples houses during the pandemic, tried very hard but I couldn’t.
Thank you for all responses
Have a virgin engineer coming over in an hour to fix a fault so their engineers are still working!
Thank you, just heard that virgin have recently cancelled on the day and due to WFH I wanted to make sure
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