Found 27th Jan 2008
just wondering what you guys would do here
i have virgin media, and obviously have the brown box (thing) outside my house which brings in the cable, well i think my next door neighbour had probs with their phone line from virgin.
they had virgin out on friday afternoon to fix it, i think they couldnt get it to work, so they knocked our door and asked another family member if they could use our box outside to test line.
didnt think anything of it but this morning noticed they have ran a cable from the box outside my house across the front and my front door, over my fence and into my next door neighbours house, i wouldnt have minded this but they didnt
a. ask my permisson
b.attach the cable prob.
c. made a tripping hazard outside my front door ( which i have tripped on) as they have not attached the cable properly to my house leaving loops and a very untidy mess.
i have made offical complaint, anything else you guys think i shud do, allready threatned to cut the cable (i wont as unfair on neighbour), which i am in my right to do.
the guy on phone said it shouldnt have been done anyway.
sorry long winded.


take some photos of it as proof

Just call VM on 150 and explain the situation and explain you need an engineer round asap.

And ask for a free upgrade to V+ as compensation.

call virgin and ask them to log a complaint after that u will get a install manager to come out to look at it then get it rectified

Cut the cable and tell ur neibours to deal with it themselves.

virgin are a pain in the ass. good luck

they said my house had been demolished.



Cut the cable and tell ur neibours to deal with it themselves.

You're a nice bloke. Imagine if everyone was as considerate as you :-D


I'd cut the cable, not to cut off the neighbour, but to rap it round the stupid VM guys neck when they come back round ..


virgin are a pain in the ass. good luckthey said my house had been … virgin are a pain in the ass. good luckthey said my house had been demolished.

and had it when you checked? :giggle:
is there workmanship really that bad?:whistling:

Was going to go with Virgin Media when I moved into my house last year. The previous owner had left there Telewest box and all the cables in place.
Phoned them up and they said I can have Virgin Media and there will be a £50 installation charge. I said what for I have all the cables wired upto my house and a box all I would need was a card to get the channels. the bloke on the phone wouldn't listen kept saying that I shouldn't have a box and that I would have to pay £50 installation.
I said forget it and got sky for free.

Original Poster

virgin are useless, customer service is disgusting, they said tonite after ringing them again at my cost (dont have virgin phone) , time, that i would have to get my neighbour to call them so it could be sorted, i said no this is health and safety issue, vm obviously dont care much for it or their customer welfare, threanted the usual trading standards, i will cut cable bla bla. not much further with it really, other than their going to call my neighbour!?

I used to work as engineer for Telewest, before I jumped ship to BT. The engineer(s)/cowboy(s) shouldn't of done this, they've taken a massive short cut and rather than replacing the cable they've t'eed into yours saving them the hassle/time of replacing it., all cable subs/as with BT should be fed from there own feed to stop wayleave problems such as this. I personally wouldn't have a hassle with this had of been asked, the fact they didn't ask I would escalate it. Ring VM complaints or whatever, like someone said ask for a reduced bill or some other freebie to have it left as it is or tell them you want an engineer out ASAP or you will remove it yourself (don't do this just threaten). It'll probably cost them more time/money to send out an engineer and replace next doors cable than it would to reduce your subs or give you a free V+ box. Let us know what you do

Conveniently "trip" over the wire and then take pictures of the wire and complain...they'll worry about a lawsuit so they'll give you all the channels for free or something

hi u can ring vm on this free phone no its 08000730399 its customer services i hope this helps
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