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got my bill in this month and yet again being well overcharged

anyone else had this problem and what was the outcome when phoned up to complain

any suggestions are welcome


On what? I got over charged and rang them and they credited my account and also they are starting to charge for your phone bill details as the people you rang and text so need to cancle that!!!

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being charged for addiontal v+ box that i have not got
i was on the 3 for £30 but my bill is £75 i dont make many calls im billy no mates

I got overcharged every month. I think they try it on on purpose because the chance is some people wouldnt realise. I phoned up every month to complain and wrote letters. In the end i couldnt be bothered with all the hassle in the end so left!!

My mum gets overcharged regually.

Our bill and the whole sevice is strange. We are also meant to be on the 3 for £30 deal but it never is £30.
It is strange in the way that:
We are not getting free evening and weekend calls and are being charged line rental (which i dont think we are meant to be charged for), however we are getting XL tv instead of M.
Our latest bill was over £45 so we are thinking of phoning them up and find out what is going on, and maybe hit them with the "we will move to sky..." arguement.

same here we get charged every month we ring them and they put it right but this is every month with out fail !
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